Enable & Configure Alerts

VIP website visitors - especially those requesting a conversation or visiting high-value pages - are your hottest leads. Alerts let you know you need to answer inbound requests, or pounce on VIPs.

If you don’t configure alerts properly, you’ll miss opportunities to convert qualified visitors into opportunties.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to configure alerts properly, so you never miss a qualified opportunity.

Enable Alerts in Settings

First, navigate to Settings > Notifications and click “Enable push notifications.”


When prompted by your browser to enable notification permissions, click “Allow.”


You’ll see a confirmation box pop up that looks like this:


The test notification (on Google Chrome) looks like this:


If you don't get a test notification after enabling them, make sure your operating system allows notifications from your browser.

Enabling Notifications in Your Operating System


  1. Search for “Notifications” in the spotlight, or open “Notifications” from “System Preferences”
  2. Find your browser in the list of applications (Google Chrome, Firefox)
  3. Ensure that “Allow Notifications” is toggled on, and that the style is either “Banners” or “Alerts”

Send yourself a test alert by visiting a page with alerts configured. You should see something like this pop up:



  1. Click Start > Settings.
  2. Select System
  3. Click Notifications & Actions
  4. Toggle on Get notifications from apps and other senders
  5. Scroll down to Get notifications from these senders
  6. Toggle on the apps you want to get notifications from. In this case, we want to enable your browser alerts, along with Slack or Microsoft Teams, depending on which you’re using

Visit a page with alerts configured to fire a test alert. See if an alert banner pops up on your screen. If not, make sure you have Show notification banners turned on.


Browser Compatibility

Supports Push Notifications
✅ Yes
✅ Yes
❌ No
Microsoft Edge
✅ Yes
⚠️ Requires configuration¹
Internet Explorer
❌ No
iOS Safari
❌ No
Android Chrome
✅ Yes
Android Firefox
✅ Yes

¹Go to brave://settings/privacy and enable "Use Google services for push messaging". Must restart browser for setting to take effect.

Configure Slack or Microsoft Teams

Your ServiceBell administrator will connect Slack or Teams to your ServiceBel account. As an agent, just make sure you’re in the right ServiceBell channels to receive alerts.


Alerts are paramount if you want to convert more visitors into opportunities. Without alerts configured, you’ll miss hot inbound leads that want to chat in realtime, along with prime opportunities to pounce on VIP visitors.

Make sure alert banners are firing before moving on, or you likely won’t have many conversations with hot prospects on your website.