Automations Overview

Getting the Most from ServiceBell Automations

ServiceBell Automations provide powerful tools to personalize, automate, and scale your visitor engagement. The key components are:


Segments allow you to group visitors together based on attributes like company, behavior, source etc. Build different audiences to target.


Alerts are triggered when a visitor matches a rule you configure based on their activity or profile. Get notified when key targets visit.

Routing Rules

Rules route visitors to the right agents or reps based on criteria you specify. Improve service by assigning visitors automatically.


Journeys enable sequenced messaging to guide visitors through workflows. Craft targeted experiences for each audience.

Journeys power the widget messaging visitors see on your website. Segments determine which visitors enter each journey.

Together, automations provide everything you need to:

  • Identify and group your ideal visitors
  • Get notified when they arrive
  • Route them to the right reps
  • Engage with personalized workflows

Automate previously manual processes to scale your visitors' engagement. Identify and qualify accounts, trigger alerts, assign reps, and craft targeted messaging - all from one platform.