Build Your First Journey

Getting Started with Journeys: Creating Your First Journey Experience

Intro: Journeys allow you to guide website visitors through customized experiences based on their needs and interests. While creating journeys may seem complicated at first, it's actually quite simple with the available journey templates. In this article, we'll walk through how to create your first basic journey experience in a few easy steps.

Selecting a Template: To start, browse the list of journey templates and select "Master Website Experience". This will be your main journey for engaging with customers. Click "Use" and the template will automatically be deployed, providing you with a pre-built journey to modify.

Examining the Default Structure: The deployed template contains a complete journey workflow with different branches, routing rules, and question types. At the very top is the starting trigger - if a visitor is on your site for over 2 seconds, it will initiate the journey.

Next, Clearbit Reveal attempts to identify the visitor's company. If an agent is available according to your organization's working hours, the visitor proceeds down the "Online" path.

Building Out the Experience: On the online path, the visitor is presented with a multiple choice question allowing them to select "Start Live Call", "Start Live Chat", etc. Based on their choice, they are routed down the corresponding branch.

Best practice is to configure an app alert to notify your team of the visitor's request. You can choose which agents or groups to alert.

The visitor is then asked for contact information like an email or phone number while waiting to be connected. If the wait exceeds a threshold like 30 seconds, the visitor receives an apology and a request for their number so the team can call them back.

The offline path functions similarly, collecting messages or allowing visitors to schedule demos even if no agents are currently online.

Conclusion: With just a few tweaks, you can customize the template journey to capture website visitors and direct them to the right experience. Be sure to turn on the journey so it's live on your site. As you gain experience, you can build more advanced journeys to further personalize your customer engagement.