Chatting with Visitors

Once you’ve configured alerts, you’ll be notified of opportunities to pounce on qualified visitors, and incoming calls from qualified prospects.

You can initiate live conversations and seamlessly upgrade to a video call in one click, moving website visitors to qualified opportunities in record time.

Live Chat

ServiceBell live chat is a low-friction way to initiate conversations with website visitors.

While viewing a visitor’s live session, click “Chat” in the top right to start chatting.


Personalized messages have higher engagement rates. For example, a visitor on the pricing page is probably ready to strike up a conversation.

Try asking them if they’re interested in a custom pricing plan, or if they want to take advantage of a special offer.

You probably have hundreds, if not thousands or tens of thousands of website visitors on your site every day. Sifting through the all of the visitors can be overwhelming without an easy way to focus on high-value visitors.

If you try to chat with every website visitor, you’ll likely have low conversion rates. Only a small percentage of those on your website are ready to chat. When you focus on VIP visitors ready to buy, you’ll have higher engagement rates, more conversations, and qualified leads.

There are many ways to segment visitors, but one of our favorites is the visitor’s active page. A visitor reading a blog post titled “What is live chat” is much less likely to buy now, compared to a visitor on our pricing page.

ServiceBell Live Feeds are a great way to highlight visitors primed to buy. These are the VIP visitors you want to engage. Your ServiceBell admin will configure Live Feeds for you. When you log in, you’ll see a list of visitors primed for a live chat engagement.


Personalized chats targeting VIP visitors have a 6-15% proactive engagement rate. Don’t get discouraged when someone doesn’t respond. You don’t expect every prospect to respond to your email, so don’t expect every website visitor to respond to your live chat.

The difference here is website visitors are your hottest possible leads. When they do respond, they’re dying to buy, so it’s easy to strike up conversations with hot prospects and convert them into opportunities.

Images, Emojis and Links

ServiceBell chat supports images and emojis as well, which can add some flare to your conversation.

For example, you can send funny images and GIFs to prospects to catch their attention. Everyone loves a good cat GIF, right?

Click the “Upload an image” icon in the bottom left of the chat window.


Then, select a file to share.


Voila! Cat GIF sent. Visitors engage more often when you get creative and pique their interest with unique forms of engagement. Give it a shot!


You can also send emojis to visitors. Click the emoji button and send the funny face of your choice.


Lastly, you can send and receive links via chat as well, which are helpful when a visitor wants to send you to their website, or you want to share a helpful resource with a visitor. Just copy and paste the link in chat, hit send, and you’re good to go.


Make sure you send a link with http:// or https:// in the beginning, or the message will send as plain text, instead of a clickable URL, as you can see here:


The easiest way to send a link is copying and pasting the URL.