Getting the Most from Contacts in ServiceBell

The Contacts feature in ServiceBell gives visibility into companies and individuals visiting your website. Here's how to use it:

View New and Revealed Companies

Under "Spotlight", click "New Companies" to see all companies that visited your site in the past 7 days.

"All Revealed Companies" shows all matched company visits. View associated visitor profiles and export to CSV for follow-up research.

Mention their visit when reaching out on LinkedIn or booking demos to connect.

View All Accounts and People

See every account and individual that has visited under "All Accounts" and "All People".

View company, sales stage, and toggle email alerts for key targets. Get notified when they revisit to engage instantly.

Segment Visitors by Source

The "Lead Source" section shows traffic segmented by source like ServiceBell ads or HubSpot campaigns.

Ongoing Improvements

Contacts is a new and rapidly improving feature. Check back often for updates like more data sources and visitor visibility.

Use Contacts to identify and track high-value companies and contacts visiting your site. Research visitors, set alerts on VIPs, and segment by source to focus outreach.