Creating a Visitor Journey

Journeys are the engine that powers every visitor interaction with ServiceBell. Journeys can send custom messages to visitors, ask qualification questions, offer meetings, and more.

When you’re getting started, it’s best to set up Journeys for your top 2-3 most valuable pages. Some examples include:

  • Pricing page
  • Demo request page
  • Product page
  • Resource page

You can create more nuanced Journeys for different pages on your site once you get comfortable with the basics.

This guide will teach you about the different types of Journeys, how to configure Journeys, and some common Journeys use cases.

Types of Journeys


Automatic Journeys launch without the visitor clicking anything or taking a specific action, such as submitting a contact form or clicking a button.


Manual Journeys launch when visitors complete a smart form on your site, or click a smart button. For example, you can launch a Form Booker Journey when visitors fill out a contact form on your site. Once they click “Submit Form”, the action can trigger ServiceBell.

Creating and Ordering Journeys

Navigate to Automate > Journeys and click the “Create a journey” button in the top right.


Journeys will trigger in order from top to bottom. Move high-priority Journeys to the top of the list.


You can toggle Journeys on and off by clicking the “edit” icon and toggling the Journey active or inactive.


Make sure you name your Journeys in a manner that’s easy to identify what your Journeys accomplishes.

Engage Visitors

Journeys are a great way to engage website visitors, create leads, qualify leads, and connect visitors with agents for live conversations.

Greet Visitors & Collect Emails

When new visitors arrive on your site, engage them with a custom greeting. You can send visitors targeted messages on high-value pages to convert more visitors into leads and opportunities.

For example, engage pricing page visitors saying “hey, it looks like you’re interested in pricing. Want a custom plan?”

When ServiceBell knows who’s visiting your site, you can include personalized fields like their first name, company, and more.

When the visitor engages, ServiceBell collects their email, and automatically syncs the visitor with HubSpot.


Qualify Leads

Collecting emails from website visitors is great, but you want to ensure the visitor is qualified before you offer an agent’s precious time.

Journeys can automatically qualify leads, so agents only spend time with VIP visitors. Every qualification question updates visitor fields upon answer, and syncs the qualification information with HubSpot.


Before you create qualification questions in Journeys, take a moment to write down the most important qualification criteria you need to know before you can determine if the visitor is a good fit for your product or service.

Some example qualification questions:

  • How many employees does your company have?
  • What industry are you in?
  • What’s your use case?

If you have Clearbit or 6Sense enabled, you may know the answers to some of these questions ahead of time, in which case you won’t need to ask so many questions in Journeys.

Route Visitors

ServiceBell automatically routes qualified leads to the right rep using the qualification data collected in your Journey qualification flow.

After you’ve confirmed the visitor is qualified, use one of your configured route for inbound chat or route for meeting rules.

You can then route visitors to the right agent or group of agents for a realtime conversation, or a meeting for later if nobody is available.