Clearbit Reveal Integration

Your website gets loads of visitors, most of which never fill out a contact form or engage with ServiceBell. Just because they don’t engage, however, doesn’t mean they’re not qualified visitors.

ServiceBell’s Clearbit integration helps identify unknown visitors browsing on your site, so you can pounce on VIPs, even before they fill out your contact form.

Introduction to Clearbit Reveal

Without collecting the visitor’s name or email, they remain unknown. However, Clearbit Reveal uses Reverse IP Lookup technology to de-anonymize website visitors and “reveal” firmographic information, like:

  • Company name
  • Website
  • Industry
  • Employee count approximation
  • Revenue approximation

While Clearbit Reveal data has varying degrees of confidence, it’s surely better than nothing.

Once a visitor’s company is revealed, target account owners can be alerted in realtime. You can also alert the team in charge of the visitor’s industry, revenue range, etc.

For example, alert the Oil & Gas team when an Oil & Gas industry account is on your pricing page. Or, alert the enterprise sales team when an account with greater than $1B in revenue is on the site.

Clearbit Reveal data can be used to:

  • Trigger alerts based on industry, company size, revenue amount, and target accounts
  • Enrich notifications
  • Enrich visitor information panels

Most of our customers use Clearbit Reveal to focus on converting their highest value website visitors.

When we detect repeated visits from a visitor or several visitors at one company, your agents can see a list of “interesting accounts.” Then, you can trigger targeted outbound campaigns to hot accounts, and pounce on VIP visitors when they arrive on your site.

Now that you have a 30,000 foot view of ServiceBell’s integration with Clearbit Reveal, the next guide walks you through the setup process.