Connecting Clearbit to ServiceBell

NOTE: You must already be a Clearbit customer with access to their Reveal product. ServiceBell is not able to re-sell credits to our customers.

If you’re not already a paying Clearbit customer, you may want to use ServiceBell’s 6Sense integration instead.

ServiceBell purchased bulk credits from 6Sense and can re-sell them to our customers at a discounted rate, without having you go through 6Sense’s sales process.

If you already have access to Clearbit Reveal, here’s how you integrate it with ServiceBell:

  1. Log into your Clearbit account with access to Clearbit Reveal
  2. Find your Clearbit Reveal API key under ‘Account Settings’. Copy the API key, and then log into your ServiceBell dashboard.
  3. Navigate to Settings > Integrations and toggle on Clearbit. Next, paste your API key.
  4. Select when to auto-reveal visitors. (You can auto-reveal all visitors, only visitors on certain pages, only when a visitor dials, or when a visitor triggers an alert.)