Engage View Part 1

The Engage view in ServiceBell provides a live overview of all website traffic visiting your site across all URL pages. It segments visitors into different feeds that you can customize.

To get started, create feeds to bucket your visitors, like:

  • Web app users
  • Marketing site visitors
  • Campaign traffic
  • Or any other segments you want

This gives a holistic view of current traffic and shows which visitors are actively on your site (orange circle) vs offline.

Interacting with Visitors

In the engage view, you can interact with site visitors by:

  • Starting a video or audio call
  • Chatting live

If you see the Clearbit icon, it means that the visitor is from that company with high confidence (green icon). No icon means unclear identity.

Setting Your Availability

In the top right, you can:

  • Mark yourself as Available
  • Away (set length of time away)

Enabling "Auto Detect Status" syncs your calendar. ServiceBell will automatically detect if you're in a meeting and avoid pulling you into live chats/calls. Very useful for reps with busy schedules.

The Engage view is a powerful way to get a live site traffic overview and directly interact with visitors to improve engagement. Customize feeds, set your availability, and start connecting with customers in real time.