Engage View Part 2

Reviewing Visitor Profiles

When you click on a visitor card in ServiceBell Engage, you will see the visitor's profile page. The left panel provides options to gather relevant information about the prospect to enable effective engagement.

First, check if the visitor's name is known or unknown. Clearbit may be unable to reveal their identity.

You may also see firmographic data sourced from Clearbit or 6Sense, if available. This contextual data helps you understand the visitor's role and company.

Under "Company Contact", you can enter the visitor's name or create a new contact entry for their company for future reference.

Leveraging Visitor History

The "Advertising" dropdown shows UTM campaign data if the visitor clicked from an ad. Use this info to relate to them on a personal level.

"Past Sessions" shows if any representatives previously interacted with this visitor. Review the activity log to see pages they visited recently and craft relevant conversation openers based on their interests.

Interacting via Chat or Call

In the center of the profile, you can initiate a Video or Audio call with the visitor to connect in real time. Request screen control to guide them through your site and point out relevant information.

On the right is the chat window. Use slash commands to insert canned responses to common questions, enabling quick, efficient conversations.

Ask for their email to automatically populate the left side with their info for future reference. Send calendar invites, images, and @tag team members directly in the chat.

Following Up

When done interacting, close the conversation to keep your inbox clean and organized.

The visitor profile gives invaluable context to personalize and tailor your outreach to each prospect. Review their history, connect via chat or call, and use slash commands to effectively engage visitors on your website.