Connecting ServiceBell to HubSpot

You can connect ServiceBell to HubSpot if you’re an administrator in both platforms.

Reps will also need to connect their ServiceBell account to their HubSpot account, in order to map data properly.

Make sure you’re an admin in your HubSpot account. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > All Apps. Then, Toggle the HubSpot integration on.
  2. When prompted, log in to your HubSpot account and choose the HubSpot instance you’d like to connect.
  1. Lastly, click “Connect app.” You should see a “Hubspot set up” confirmation banner pop up on your screen.

Mapping Fields

Next, you have to map ServiceBell visitor fields to HubSpot contact and company fields.

When ServiceBell uncovers information about your visitor, field mapping lets ServiceBell know where to store the information in HubSpot. Likewise, when a known visitor is detected on your site, ServiceBell knows which HubSpot fields to populate corresponding ServiceBell fields.

For example, if ServiceBell detects the visitor’s employee count with Clearbit or 6Sense, you can map which contact field or company field to update in HubSpot.

Close the confirmation box, and click the HubSpot integration’s “Manage” button. You’ll be taken to the ServiceBell / HubSpot field mapping page.


The most basic field mappings are things like:

  • Email
  • Contact name
  • Company name
  • Website
  • Employee count

You can ask your visitors any other question you want with Journeys, and store their replies in ServiceBell visitor fields. If you want to save that information in HubSpot as well, you’d map the fields here.

Click the dropdown menu to see a list of all current ServiceBell fields you’ve configured.


Then, select the corresponding HubSpot contact field.


When you want to map more than one field, click “Add Field” and repeat the same process.

The same logic applies for company fields.

Any time ServiceBell creates a HubSpot contact, or detects a HubSpot contact on the site, these field mapping rules are employed.

Default Field Values

Sometimes, you’ll want to set default field values in ServiceBell for HubSpot fields.

Lead Source is the most common default field example.

You’ll always want ServiceBell-created contacts to say “ServiceBell” as the HubSpot lead source.

To create a default field value, click “Add Field” for a contact or Company.

Then, type in the default field value. Every time ServiceBell creates a new HubSpot contact, the default Lead Source value “ServiceBell” is used. This way, you can track how many contacts were created by ServiceBell.

Add Fields to the Visitor Information Panel

Coming soon

As a ServiceBell admin, you can customize which HubSpot contact fields populate in the visitor information panel.

ServiceBell’s Visitor Information Panel shows agents everything they need to know about your visitors in the Visitor Live View.

By default, ServiceBell shows a few HubSpot contact and company fields, with links to each view more information in HubSpot.


To customize these fields, click the kebob menu next to the HubSpot field, and toggle “visitor information panel” on.