Introduction to HubSpot

ServiceBell was purpose-built to run on HubSpot. If you use HubSpot as your main CRM, ServiceBell is for you.

ServiceBell can enrich visitor fields with information from ClearBit, 6Sense, chatbot qualification flows, and more. HubSpot contacts and companies with information from ClearBit, 6Sense, and chatbot qualification questions.

Every contact, lead, company, and deal created by ServiceBell is logged in HubSpot, along with all chats, calls, and meeting activities. HubSpot admins can use this data to report on chat engagement, website conversions and pipeline in custom dashboards.

In addition, ServiceBell populates visitor fields with HubSpot contact and company data. You can use HubSpot field data to route visitors to account owners, pounce on target accounts or deals in-pipeline, personalize outbound messages, and more.

Creating Contacts, Leads, Companies and Deals

ServiceBell creates new contacts, leads, companies and deals in HubSpot.


When an unknown visitor reveals themselves to ServiceBell by engaging the chatbot, filling out a form, or an agent manually identifies the visitor, ServiceBell looks for a matching contact record in HubSpot using the visitor’s email as a unique identifier.

When there’s no existing contact record in HubSpot, ServiceBell automatically creates a contact and populates mapped contact fields with visitor field data.

When there’s an existing contact, company or deal in HubSpot, ServiceBell automatically pulls HubSpot field data to populate ServiceBell visitor field data.

After the engagement, ServiceBell logs chat, call, and meeting activities on the HubSpot contact record, and updates HubSpot contact fields.


ServiceBell looks for matching company records in HubSpot. If no company exists, ServiceBell creates a new company and associates the website visitor with the company.

If a company does exist, ServiceBell associates the website visitor with the contact record, updates mapped company fields, and logs activities in HubSpot’s company activity feed.

HubSpot Routing

ServiceBell uses HubSpot data to route visitors to the right rep, at the right time.

For example, you can look up account owners in HubSpot to notify agents when someone from a target account is on their site.

You can use any contact, company, or deal field to route visitors to the right ServiceBell agent for chats, calls, and meetings.