Setting Up Target Accounts In HubSpot

Background Information: Before you set up your target account segments in ServiceBell, we need to first confirm that you have either imported a list of your target accounts in HubSpot or already created a list of companies that are marked as target accounts.

Action Items For Importing a CSV file & configuring all your Target Accounts in HS:

  1. Select “Contacts”, then “Companies”, then “Import”. It will prompt you through a series of actions to take.
  1. Select “Import File From Computer”, then “One File”, then “One Object”, then “Companies”, then import your CSV and map the relevant fields you want populated.
  2. Once the creation of the list is complete, you can then navigate to that list.
  3. image
  4. Click on the top left checkbox to select all the companies. If you have more than 100 companies on your list, don’t forget to click on “Select All X Records”.
  5. Click “Edit”, you’ll be then prompted to select the “property to update” field which in this case you’ll select “Target Accounts”. Apply the filter “True” and then input the total number of target account records you have in your list.
  6. image
  7. To confirm that you have successfully completed the above action items you can click on one of your target account companies, navigate to “View All Properties” and search for “Target Account”. If the account populates as “True” then the setup is completed and working correctly!
  8. image