Syncing Visitors to HubSpot

ServiceBell syncs every known visitor with HubSpot contacts. You can create new HubSpot contacts directly from ServiceBell, and update existing HubSpot contacts from ServiceBell.

In this guide, you’ll learn how ServiceBell creates and updates contacts in HubSpot.

Creating HubSpot Contacts

ServiceBell contacts are created when:

  • Chatbots collect a visitor’s email
  • A visitor submits a contact form
    • Agents manually create a contact from the Visitor Live View or List View

Once a ServiceBell contact is created, ServiceBell automatically creates the contact in HubSpot. You can map ServiceBell visitor fields to HubSpot contact fields by navigating to Settings > Contact Mapping.

All mapped ServiceBell visitor fields update HubSpot contact fields automatically when a contact is created.

Updating HubSpot Contacts

When a known visitor returns to the site and discloses new information to ServiceBell via the chatbot or a live agent, their visitor fields are updated in realtime - both in ServiceBell and HubSpot - even if old field data is overwritten.

Agents Manually Assigning HubSpot Contacts

When agents engage website visitors, their HubSpot contact and company information populates in the visitor side panel.

Agents can manually create contacts from the side panel:


Agents can also search for existing contacts in HubSpot to associate with the website visitor:


Once the visitor is associated with a HubSpot contact, all ServiceBell fields automatically update their mapped HubSpot contact fields from hereon out.