Metrics & Calculations

Rep Performance 📊

Answered requests: Call requests from visitors answered by agents

Proactive calls: Call attempts made by agents

Proactive accept %: % of proactive calls accepted by visitors

Takeovers: Number of times a rep takes over a visitor's screen

Session views: Visitor sessions viewed by a rep

Avg call time: Average time a rep spends on calls with visitors

Avg rating: Average rating given to reps by visitors


Overview 🟢

Calls held: Total connected calls vs previous period

Missed calls: Incoming call requests not answered

Conversations held: Total 2-way chats between agents and visitors

Missed visitor conversations: Total unanswered inbound chats

Meetings booked: Number of meetings booked via the widget


Graphs 📈

Total calls: Inbound call requests. Visitors still need to accept callbacks after agent answers.

Total conversations: All chats between agents and visitors

Missed/called/message heat-map: Based on your local timezone hours in Settings. Shows visitor interaction times.

Message heat-map: "Inbound" shows when visitors message. "Proactive" shows agent-initiated chats.