Setting Up Target Accounts In SB

Background Information: Target accounts in HubSpot are by default setup for every HubSpot customer. So in this case you do not need to do anything on your end (within HS) as long as all your target accounts are under the “Target Account” list in HubSpot.

Action Items:

1. Setup Clearbit/6sense - In order for the target account feature to work accurately, we’ll need to use one of the data enrichment tools provided (6sense or Clearbit) to help us identify each visitor.


2. Click on “manage” for whichever data enrichment tool you’re using and toggle on the relevant options so we can de-anonymize your site visitors. You can select “auto-reveal” all site visitors or just select specific actions that site visitors need to take in order to reveal them under “only visitors who”.

3. Now that we have completed the data enrichment setup we can finally navigate to the “Automations” tool.

4. Click “Segments”.

5. Create a new segment by clicking on the “+” sign and name the segment “Target Accounts”.

6. Use the filter to find “Target Accounts” & then select it. Then select the filter option “Is True”.

7. Make sure to then toggle on either Clearbit or 6Sense below (select the data enrichment tool that you’re using!).


8. Now that we have both data enrichment & segments set up correctly we can add our segments to our journey’s. To do that, you’ll need to click on the “Starting Trigger” node at the very top.

9. Use the filter to select “Segments” & then select the specific segment you’d like to use (in this case it will be “Target Accounts”.