Settings Overview

Introduction to ServiceBell Settings

ServiceBell's settings are divided into 3 sections:

My Settings: For individual users to configure their account. Under Account, set your display name, title, photo, and availability. Connect your calendar to auto-update your status when in meetings. Enable notifications and integrate tools like Zoom.

Organization Settings: For admins to edit org-wide settings. Includes working hours, widget options, domains, and app integrations. Map your HubSpot fields and create canned responses to boost productivity.

Manage members' access and create user groups to target automations. Add custom properties and block visitors as needed.

Other Settings: Covers API, audit logs, and more advanced configurations.

Key Settings to Update:

  • Availability: Set your timezone and hours to reflect when you're online.
  • Notifications: Enable push notifications to see alerts.
  • Calendar: Connect your calendar and toggle on auto-status detection.
  • Canned Responses: Build canned responses to common questions to streamline conversations.
  • Working Hours: Ensure organization-wide hours are accurate to show correct online status.
  • User Groups: Organize members into teams like Sales, Support, etc to target workflows.

Conclusion: Getting your personal and organization settings properly configured ensures ServiceBell runs smoothly. Take time to set up your availability, notifications, calendar integration, canned responses, and working hours especially. Leverage user groups and custom properties for even more targeted experiences.