Transferring a Chat

ServiceBell works hard to identify visitors and route them to the right rep before you speak with them. ClearBit and 6Sense reveal route visitors to account owners, and known visitors are routed to contact owners.

Still, situations may arise when you’ll need to transfer a visitor to another agent. In this guide, we’ll walk through when and how you should transfer a visitor to another agent.

When you may want to transfer a chat

Here are a few situations where you’d want to transfer a conversation:

  • SDR qualifies a visitor and wants to pass it off to an AE
  • SDR calls a visitor owned by another SDR
  • Sales rep transfers a current customer to their account manager
  • AE transfers a visitor to the deal owner

How to Transfer a Visitor to Another Agent

Once you know who you’re speaking with, find their contact or company owner on the fly. You can look up named accounts in HubSpot or Salesforce. Alternatively, identify which reps are responsible for a specific product line, geographic location, company size, etc.

While monitoring chat or on a call, check the agent(s) Slack or Teams status to see if they’re online. Send them a quick message saying “hey {agent name}, I have a (lead, prospect, customer) on the line that wants to speak to you. Around to chat with {prospect name} from {company}?”

If they respond quickly, you can proceed with the transfer. It’s easy to transfer calls with ServiceBell. Here’s how:

  1. Let the visitor know you’re going to transfer them to another agent. For example, “Hey {prospect name}, I’m going to transfer you to John, your dedicated account rep. Give me a few seconds…”
  2. Copy your ServiceBell session URL
  3. image
  4. Paste it in a message to the new agent
  5. When the agent clicks the link, they need to click “Replace connection” to join the visitor’s session
  6. image
  7. Have the new agent introduce themselves, and carry on the conversation from there

If the right agent(s) are offline, let the visitor know their rep is unavailable, and offer a meeting with their rep for later.