Introduction to ServiceBell Reverse IP Lookup

Engaging visitors on your site doesn’t do much good when you have no idea who they are, especially when you have to sift through hundreds of thousands of visitors.

This guide covers how ServiceBell Reverse IP Lookup can alert reps when target accounts and high-value visitors are on the site, even without knowing a visitor’s email.

How Reverse IP Lookup Works with ServiceBell

ServiceBell’s Reverse IP Lookup integrates with Clearbit and 6Sense, the two leading visitor de-anonymization products on the market.

While it’s impossible to know exactly who’s on the site until they reveal their email, ServiceBell leverages Reverse IP Lookup to reveal firmographic visitor information like company name, website, employee count, industry, and estimated revenue.

ServiceBell’s Clearbit and 6Sense integrations fire immediately upon visitor arrival, to try and identify your website visitors.

Clearbit and 6Sense have varying levels of accuracy, and sometimes don’t return a match at all. Still, we do our best to figure out who’s on your website.

The Power of ServiceBell Reverse IP Lookup

Clearbit or 6Sense are good products on their own, but a few key limitations hold them back from unlocking tons of value for your organization.

Clearbit and 6Sense notify reps in Slack when someone from a high-value company like Apple or Microsoft was on the site. Then, reps have to make a list of suspected prospects and take shots in the dark, hoping one of their prospects A) is the right person, B) sees their message and C) is still interested.

Especially when reaching out to large orgs with thousands of employees, this strategy is ineffective.

However, when Clearbit and 6Sense are combined with ServiceBell, agents know not only when a visitor from a valuable company is on the site, they can engage that person in realtime - before they leave - at the pique of their interest.

VIP Accounts

Once you create a VIP Account list in ServiceBell, you can trigger custom journeys and alert account owners in realtime when ServiceBell Reverse IP detects a visitor from a VIP account on your site.

Common Target Account lists include:

  • Target Accounts
  • Active Deals
  • Current Customers

ServiceBell cross-references the website provided by Reverse IP Lookup data with the website in your HubSpot instance, and alerts you when there’s a match.

Configuring Visitor Fields

Lastly, you may want to auto-fill ServiceBell visitor fields with Clearbit and 6Sense data so reps can see before engaging, and you can store the reveal data in your CRM as well.

Visitor fields store everything you want to know about your website visitors and target accounts, and are updated by talking to customers, manually by reps, enrichment from Reverse IP Lookup, CRM data, and more.

You can choose the data sources to auto-fill visitor fields in the Visitor Fields section. When multiple data sources have conflicting data, rank order data sources from highest to lowest priority. For example, Salesforce data is probably more accurate than Reverse IP data from 6Sense, and therefore takes precedence over 6Sense.