Creating Segments

Segments categorize your website visitors based on your company’s custom parameters. Instead of having to sift through at least thousands, and up to millions of website. visitors, you can surface VIPs for agents to focus their attention.

Segments power Live Feeds and routing, so the right visitor is connected with the right rep at the right time.

In this guide, you’ll learn more about how to create segments, and how reps can use them.


Before you configure segments, start by deciding which visitors are most important to your business.

Note: consider how much traffic your site receives, and how many visitors are in your segments. Segments that are too specific won’t surface many visitors, while Segments that too broad won’t get the job done either. If you have lots of traffic, keep your Segments tight to surface VIP visitors. If you don’t have lots of traffic, keep your segments broad.

Here are some common examples of visitor segments:

  • Visitor on high-value pages (pricing page, demo request page)
  • Ideal Customer Profile visitors
  • Visitors associated with an active deal in HubSpot
  • Visitors from a target account

You can also create segments for agents to ignore, such as:

  • Other employees
  • Unqualified visitors

Configuring Segments

To set up your first Segment, navigate to Settings > Segments > Add.

Name your Segment and click Create. In this example, we’re creating a Segment of Enterprise visitors from the West Coast of The United States.


Next, you can configure conditions for visitors to enter this Segment:


We’ll use the following conditions:

  • US State is Oregon, Washington, or California
  • AND current page is Pricing (for high-intent visitors)
  • AND 6Sense Data shows an estimated revenue of $10MM-$100MM

Click Save, and you’re ready to use this Segment in Live Feeds and routing rules.

Using Segments

There are a few ways you can use Segments in ServiceBell:

Live Feeds

You can create custom Live Feeds that show all visitors in a segment live on the site in realtime. Agents use Live Feeds to surface VIP visitors live on your site, for realtime engagements.

Navigate to Visitors > Live Feeds and click + New Feed in the top right.

  1. Name your Live Feed the name of your Segment
  2. Choose which Segment to show
  3. Choose who has access to view your Segment. You can show it to all agents, just yourself, or a custom group of users (in this case, the Enterprise West Coast sales team.)

Click save, and you’re good to go. Any visitor in this Segment live on the site will populate in your new Live Feed, and assigned reps can easily see VIPs to engage.


Routing Rules

Segments can also help route visitors to the right agents. Segments are like a template for routing rules. You can route visitors from Segment A to User Group A, visitors from Segment B to User Group B, and so on.

Navigate to Automate > Routing Rules.

In the Routing conditions tab, you can select the Segment we just created called “West Coast Enterprise Visitors”.


Next, let’s route any visitor in this segment to:

1) Their HubSpot contact or company owner (if one exists, and they’re available)

2) The first available member from the West Coast Enterprise sales team as a fallback


Click Save, and now all visitors in your Segment are routed to the right reps for chats, calls, and meetings.