Identifying Visitors

ServiceBell leverages multiple data sources to identify visitors while they’re on your site and populate visitor information fields, so reps are armed with as much data about prospects as possible.

Identifying Unknown Visitors

When an unknown visitor arrives on your site, their visitor card says “Unknown Visitor”. ServiceBell uses their IP address to execute a Reverse IP lookup, powered by 6Sense and Clearbit.

Reverse IP lookups can tell you (with different levels of confidence) the visitor’s company, estimated revenue, employees, industry, and website. If you have named company owners in HubSpot or Target Accounts, ServiceBell can route the visitor to their account owner, or route by industry, company size, location, and more.

Known Visitors

Visitors may arrive with some or all visitor information known to ServiceBell, from:

  • Clicking a custom alert URL or outbound email
  • Previous ServiceBell conversations
  • Clearbit & 6Sense reveal data
  • Matching contact/company information in HubSpot
  • Fields set manually by agents

ServiceBell automatically looks for as much information as possible in all the above locations to populate visitor fields.

The more visitors engage with ServiceBell, the more data is revealed and the more fields are populated.

The visitor’s information is saved, and populates any time they return to the site from the same browser and device.

Visitor fields map to HubSpot contact and company fields. As ServiceBell collects data about your visitors, HubSpot contact and company records are automatically updated.

Visitor fields update when:

  • A visitor answers a Journey question. For example, when an email is provided, other fields automatically populate.
  • Visitor fields can be updated automatically with a Journey step. For example, when a visitor answers a series of qualification questions, ServiceBell can mark the lead as qualified or not as part of the Journey.
  • Manually set by a rep: Reps can manually update visitor fields.

Incorrect Visitor Identification

Most incorrect visitor fields come from:

  • Faulty Reverse IP lookup data: Reverse IP lookup has varying levels of accuracy, and isn’t always reliable. You can set a minimum confidence score before revealing a visitor to improve accuracy
  • Faulty manual agent data entry: agents can enter incorrect visitor information
  • Faulty visitor chatbot interactions: visitors can answer chatbot questions dishonestly